Pick Up

We are now open for pick up at 105B Clarence St.

Pick Up Menu

We are opening again our cafe for pick up. You can place your order here or you can go to the cafe and buy there.

Friday to Sunday 4pm to 8pm

traditional 6 pack $18

Pack of 6 churros rolled in cinnamon and sugar

filled 6 pack $21

Pack of 6 churros filled with your favorite sauce.

Pick dulce de leche, chocolate, vanilla, condensed milk, key lime (v) or strawberry (v)

Yo-yo Box $30

Our famous yo-yo’s filled with chocolate hazelnut spread. Four in a box

Boxes of 12 - 24 -50 or more

Boxes of traditional or churros with dipping sauce available

Work from home treat box $29

4 churros with dipping sauce
2 jarritos or 2 hot chocolates
1 slice of cake (chocolate cake or cheesecake)

At home party box $45

12 churros with 2 dipping sauces
2 hot chocolates or 2 jarritos

Want some churros?

7 + 15 =

SunLa Catrina Churros,
105B Clarence Street
Ottawa, ON


Fri-Sun: 16:00 – 20:00