Traditional, chocolate, dulce de leche,
ice cream churro bowl & much more


Authentic Tres leches cake,
dulce de leche cheesecake & more


La Catrina Special, Pulled Chicken,
Pulled Beef, Ham and Cheese

Coffe, Milkshakes

Mexican drinks, Beer & much more

About Us

The journey of success is never an easy or straightforward route. In 2013 after noticing a gap in the Ottawa market for Mexican ‘desserts’ we decided to venture out on the route that many new Canadians dream and hope for.

To test the market we purchased a custom-designed “Churro cart” and applied for the Street Food Vendor Program and was awarded a street permit through the City. Success was immediate – and you can now find the “Mr. Churritos” churro cart at all of our major festivals.

In May 2017, we decided to open a café specialized in what we do best, churros. We named it “La Catrina” and it showcases the culture, the sweet delicacies, the language and “La Catrina” the Dame of Death of Mexico. We wanted to convey a mortar Mexican styled dessert bar that would offer not only the tastes of Mexico but showcases our special tradition “Dia de Los Muertos”.

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La Catrina Churros,
105B Clarence Street
Ottawa, ON


Thursday 4:00pm to8:00pm

Friday 4:00pm to 8:00pm

Saturday 1:00pm to 8:00pm

Sunday 4:00pm to 8:00pm





The real boss is making sure churros are up to his standards.

He gave us a green light.

Come and have the best churros in town.

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News, news!! This weekend we will have Barbacoa tacos and the delicious consomé (Lamb stew).

Come this Saturday and Sunday to enjoy it!

We have our guest chef Mariana from Mexico cooking this for you.

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And another tres leches cake....this is for an special birthday!

Come to La Catrina, we have it by the slice and of course a great variety of churros and warm/hot drinks

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It is a churro cake weekend! Thanks to our customers that ordered this weekend.

Want one? Just leave a message or email us.

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Our Cochinita is ready! Come and grab a torta, it is so tasty!

It goes really well with our made from scratch horchata.

Open today 4 pm to 8:30 pm

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This weather calls for a hot drink, come to La Catrina and find from regular to spiked lattes, hot chocolate, espressos, you name it!

And if you pair it with freshly made churros, you have a winning pair in your hands.

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Thoughts on this Churro Bites box? Perfect for snacking and sharing.

We are adding this one soon....want it sooner? Send us a DM!

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Jamaica Margarita??

If you like Margaritas this is a version you should try.

It is made with hibiscus flower and mezcal.

Must try when you are at La Catrina.

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We love 💓 to be part of your celebrations!!

Tres leches cake dressed as unicorn 🦄.

Happy birthday!

Order your tres leches cake 🎂 for your next event!

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Made from scratch refreshing Horchata.

Simply delicious.

What is Horchata? Is a rice based drink with milk, cinnamon and vanilla. Must try when you are at La Catrina.

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Weather forecast calls from churros with a latte!

Come to La Catrina today and enjoy our offerings.

Dine in and take out.

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Horchata anyone?

Me make ours from scratch. Come and try it! Super refreshing and kids love it!

Horchata Is a rice based drink very popular in the streets of Mexico.

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Simple, yet delicious.

This weather calls for some freshly made churros aspired with a specialty coffee.

Ask for a shot of Kahlua or Baileys.

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Anyone craving a Mexican Panini #torta or just churros with a coffee???

We are open today until 8pm.

Take out or dine in

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Have you tried Cachitos before? No? Well, this is your opportunity, our friends from @semiyah.613 are bringing Cachitos this weekend.

Semiyah brings you a Venezuelan classic, the cachito filled with ham and bacon. The soft dough and its juicy filling make for a delicious snack!

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Want to know what the Carajillo is? Check this video!

Have you tried it before?

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And another weekend with delicious Mexican sweet bread!

Come and get some with your latte or Mexican coffee and grab more to go!

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