Frozen Churros Wholesale Logo – La Catrina

La Catrina is happy to introduce its new wholesale division! We now offer high-quality frozen churros ready to be fried.

We make the churros fresh for you using high quality ingredients. We don’t use eggs or butter; our churros are vegan!

Small Batches

When you crave a crunchy, hot churro, you want it now! That is why we are introducing our frozen churros, so you can make them whenever you have a craving! Our frozen churros can be found at our café – La Catrina or we can deliver them to you!


Offer this delicious treat to your customers without the hassle of preparation, just pop them in the fryer and 2 minutes later you will have a golden brown, crunchy churro!

If you’re a business interested in carrying our churros or you have a suggestion of where you’d like to see our products, let us know!

Minimum order is 100 churros.

5 + 2 =

Free delivery for orders over $25